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Rudder Drive Hydraulics
Mini Gyro Compass
Depth Sounder
Log and Temperature
Wind Instruments

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Fly-By-Wire Steering with Engine Remote Controls, Joystick and DPS:

Gyro-stabilized Helm with Throttle & Shift, Thruster Control and Engine Start in one unit.
eatures include built-in engine synchronizer, eight-station capability, speed/shift sequence protection, rev-up, neutral and start interlock. Fixed and Remote Stations. Speed Mode, Joystick Mode, Hover Mode and Anchor Mode. New automatic AIS MOB and SART Follow Mode

 For all engines and drives

New Dynamic Positioning (DP) System

For Workboats ..

and Yachts


We build Fly-By-Wire Steering, Autopilots and Instruments for boats, yachts and ships of all kind.
Founded in 1974.

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One system fits All
A Joystick and DP System, independent from Engine Maker. Forget complicated shift, throttle and wheel combinations in close-quarter maneuvering. Simply move or rotate the Joystick into the direction you want your boat to move.
Present GPS-Position is held upon pressing a button
Hover and Anchor Mode are perfect when waiting, or preparing fenders and lines ...